Meet Our Wedding Party

We were proud to have
Rabbi Michael Pont officiating.



Jimmy is Paul's brother and his best man.  He is a hard-working banker and also does an awesome rendition of the Israeli national anthem. Margaretha has known Jessica since college and is her maid of honor.  In her travels as a singer and actress, she has visited over 100 U.S. towns. 
  Paul and Ralph met while DJing. When Ralph isn't biting his cat, he's hosting his own radio rock show and just being plain silly. Tania has known Jessica and her brother since high school.  She's a children's librarian in NYC (and your one-stop-shop for Hardy Boys books).

Paul has been friends with John since freshman year of college.  Even though John's a lawyer, he's got a pretty  good sense of humor. Paul's sister Kathryn is the only person we know who can actually assemble a car engine.  She's also known for her whimsical behavior in fancy restaurants.

Dan and Paul met in college.  Unlike Paul, Dan abandoned the hedonistic life of a New York professional to teach high school.

Jane is from South Africa and is married to Paul's brother.  Besides working as an Internet venture capitalist, Jane makes superb homemade ice cream.

Dave R. and Paul have been friends since they were infants.  Dave refused to provide a picture, so we stole one.

Dave K. and Paul used to broadcast  Columbia football games together. Unscathed by the experience, Dave now runs a successful financial website.

Chris and Paul have been friends since college.  After a short stint as a ski instructor, Chris pretended to get serious and went to medical school.

Jessica's twin brother Nathan is a professional stage combat trainer.