AI Should Augment Your Team, Not Replace Them

AI Should Augment Your Team, Not Replace Them

“AI will not replace your job. Someone who knows how to use AI will.” Despite a few examples to the contrary, I have found through my experience using AI to help create content that this statement is generally true, even in media.

In fact, AI did not replace our team members but rather made them more efficient. We used generative tools such as ChatGPT, Runway, Midjourney, DALL-E 3, ElevenLabs and others to cut our production time by 85%. This allowed us to increase our output and augment people’s work without reducing headcount.

Additionally, we haven’t allowed AI to create content in a vacuum. There are always humans in the loop, editing and honing what is produced to ensure its quality. AI is simply another asset to help creative people achieve better results. It is in many cases additive to the artistic process, from conception of an idea to pre-production all the way through post.

Similarly, I have used predictive AI (computer vision and natural language processing) to help companies make better decisions ahead of time about what content will be most successful. This is another example of making people’s workflow more efficient by pointing them in the right direction without removing anyone from their job.

AI can also be used to help market content by, for example, quickly editing videos for multiple aspect ratios and length for different social platforms or by helping with SEO by creating keyword-rich descriptions and metadata.

Given the myriad applications of AI for the creative process, companies would be remiss by not taking advantage of their power to accelerate and expand content creation. And people don’t have to lose their jobs to reap the rewards.